Vaso Todorović ordered into custody
(08.04.2008. 16:59)

On 8 April 2008, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) issued a decision ordering Vaso Todorović into one-month custody. Pursuant to the Decision, custody may last until 7 May 2008. Vaso Todorović is suspected of the criminal offense of Genocide.

In its motion for custody, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH submits that there is grounded suspicion that the Suspect Todorović, in the capacity of a police officer of the Šekovići Second Detachment Special Police Unit, during the period from 10 July 1995 to 19 July 1995, together with other members, participated in criminal action of extermination of Bosniak civilians within the UN protected zone of Srebrenica. Further, the Prosecutor’s motion alleges that the Suspect Todorović together with other participants of joint criminal action, on 12 July and 13 July 1995 secured the road by closing and opening the same one for traffic, according to the plan of forced relocation of around 25 thousand of Bosniak women, children and elderly persons. On 13 July 1995 the Suspect Todorović as alleged in the Prosecution Motion, carried out security duties in the village of Sandići, Bratunac Municipality. They kept thousands of men, whereby they separated 20 and 30 men and surrendered them to unknown soldiers of the Army of Republic Srpska, who put them on trucks and took them away wherefrom they disappeared without trace. The Prosecutor’s motion further submits that the Suspect Todorović together with other members of the Second Squad Šekovići Detachment escorted and detained more than a thousand Bosniak men. According to the Prosecution Motion, the civilians were detained in the Farming Cooperative Kravica and shot at by the members of the Šekovići Second Detachment in early evening hours.

Having inspected the evidence submitted, the Court concluded that there was grounded suspicion that the Suspect had committed the criminal offence in question. Further, the Court ordered custody having found that there was sufficient evidence indicating that the Suspect, if released, might hinder the criminal proceedings by influencing witnesses, accessories, or accomplices. The Court ordered custody having found that other circumstances suggest a possibility of flight by the Suspect. Considering the criminal offense Todorović is suspected of, the Court ordered custody for the reason of public and property security.


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