Vinko Kondić pleaded not guilty
(07.04.2008. 12:24)

At the plea hearing before the Section I for War Crimes of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the Accused Vinko Kondić pleaded not guilty. Vinko Kondić is charged with the criminal offence of Crimes against Humanity and criminal offence of Organization of Group of People and Incitement to Perpetration of Criminal Offences of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

The indictment alleges that since June 1991 the accused Kondić, as a member of the Executive Committee of the SDS Municipal Organization in Ključ, the Commander of the Ključ Police Station (SJB), a member of the Ključ Crisis Headquarters and a member of the Ključ Defence Council, together with other members of the SDS as well as with the military and civilian authorities in the Ključ Municipality, took part in the perpetration of criminal offences against Croat and Bosniak civilians. On 18 November 1991, the accused Kondić undertook activities aimed at stopping a convoy of refugees from Slunj, the Republic of Croatia. On this occasion, the police under the command of Vinko Kondić took out from the bus and deprived of liberty able-bodied Croat male civilians, 30 of them at least. Having been tortured in the Police Station (SJB) Ključ, the civilians were transported into the previously formed camp „Stara Gradiška“. The indictment further alleges that during the period from 27 May 1992 to late August 1992 the military and the police searched the villages and settlements in Ključ, Sanica and other villages inhabited by the Bosniak population. On this occasion, civilians were unlawfully arrested and taken to the detention facilities of the elementary schools in Sanica and „Nikola Mačkić“ in Ključ, the former railway station in Sanica and the Police Station (SJB) Ključ. During the unlawful arrest at least 1161 men were escorted by the police and transported to the Manjača Camp. Immediately upon the arrival in the Camp, one civilian died due to the punching injuries sustained, while two more civilians died in the Manjača Camp. The indictment further alleges that on 10 July 1992 the military entered into the villages and hamlets of the Ključ Municipality. On this occasion, all detained men were taken to the premises of the Elementary School in Donji Biljani. Some of these men were put on buses, taken into an unknown direction and killed, so that on 10 July 1992 at least 219 persons were killed.


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