Niset Ramić convicted of war crimes against civilians and sentenced to 30 years long term imprisonment
(17.07.2007. 18:20)

Today, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rendered the first instance verdict in the case of Niset Ramić, finding the Accused guilty of War crimes against civilians and sentencing him to 30 years compound long term imprisonment sentence.

The Trial Panel found that early in the morning of 20 June 1992, as a member of the Sabotage Company (within the Territorial Defence in Visoko), conducting activities aimed at seizure of fire arms in the villages surrounding Visoko, came to the Hlapčevići village and ordered a group of around eight soldiers to surround three houses inhabited by Serbs. Following this, together with other soldiers, the Accused took six individuals of Serb ethnicity out of the houses and ordered them to move toward the Youth Centre in the village of Hlapčevići .  On their way to the Centre, the Accused stopped the group and ordered one person to step out and to inform him about the location of hidden weapons and minefields.  After this individual did not answer, the Accused shot him from an automatic firearm.  He then turned to the other captured civilians and fired at them as well.  As a consequence of the shooting, four civilians were killed and two wounded. 

The Court has also rendered a decision pursuant to which the Accused’s custody is extended until the commencement of his imprisonment, or until the expiration of the pronounced sentence at the latest.  The time the Accused spent in custody will count towards his sentence.


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