Dragan Damjanović sentenced to 20 years imprisonment
(15.12.2006. 17:23)

Today, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rendered the first instance verdict in the case of Dragan Damjanović, finding the Accused guilty of Crimes against humanity, and sentencing him to 20 years imprisonment.

According to the Trial Panel’s verdict, between July 1992 and January 1993, within a wide systematic attack of the Army of the Republic of Srpska on the Bosniak civilian population of the Vogošća Municipality, Dragan Damjanović committed murder, torture, rape, enforced disappearance and other inhumane acts.

In September 1992, the Accused, together with two individuals, broke into the house of a married couple where they harassed and beat them.  The Accused then physically forced the wife into sexual intercourse.

On several occasions in the period August 1992 to February 1993, Dragan Damjanović visited the Planjina kuća Detention Camp where he harassed and beat Bosniak civilians.  The Accused also took detainees from Planjina kuća to use them as human shields, as a result of which a significant number of detainees were wounded, and some of them killed.

In January 1993, the Accused picked out several detainees from Planjina kuća and took them to perform forced labour.  The Accused engraved a cross on the forehead of one of the detainees.  Finally, he singled out this person from the group and escorted him behind a nearby house where he killed him.

Dragan Damjanović was, inter alia, acquitted of the count which alleged that, in July 1992, in Svrake, Municipality of Vogošća, he killed two persons.
The time the Accused has been held in custody from 8 December 2005 will count towards the sentence.


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