Nikola Andrun sentenced to 13 years imprisonment
(14.12.2006. 16:40)

Today, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rendered the first instance verdict in the case of Nikola Andrun, finding the Accused guilty of War crimes against civilians, and sentencing him to 13 years imprisonment.

The Trial Panel has found, inter alia, that in 1993, acting in the capacity of the Deputy Commander of the Gabela Detention Camp in the Municipality of Čapljina, and as a member of the Knez Domagoj Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO), Nikola Andrun acted contrary to the rules of international law.  The Accused tortured and participated in the torture of detained civilians, behaved in an inhumane manner towards the detainees and used methods of intimidation and terror.   

At the end of September or beginning of October 1993, the Accused, together with another individual, transferred a detainee to the Police station in Čapljina where the Accused participated in this person’s physical and mental abuse. 

Further, together with the commander of the Gabela Detention Camp, the Accused transferred a group of Bosniaks from the Gabela detention camp to the Silos detention camp near Čapljina on two occasions in August and September 1993 with the intent of preventing Red Cross representatives from registering the detainees.

Nikola Andrun was, inter alia, acquitted of the count which alleged that, on 30 September 1993, together with two other individuals, the Accused participated in the physical mistreatment of a prisoner. 

The time the Accused has been held in custody from 30 November 2005 will count towards the sentence.


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