Dragan Nešković and Zoran Ilić acquitted
(04.10.2012. 15:54)

On 3 October 2012, the Trial Panel of Section I for War Crimes acquitted the accused Dragan Nešković and Zoran Ilić of charges that they committed the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity – Persecution, under Article 172(1)h) in conjunction with Subparagraphs a), d), e) and k), as read with Articles 29 and 180(1) of the BiH Criminal Code (CC BiH). The accused were acquitted because it was not proven that they committed the crime they were charged with.


The accused Dragan Nešković and Zoran Ilić were charged that between 10 and 19 July  1995, during an armed conflict in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the framework of which members of the VRS and the RS Ministry of Interior (MUP RS) undertook a widespread and systematic attack against the Bosniak civilian population in UN's safe area of Srebrenica, as members of the Jahorina Training Center of the RS MUP Special Brigade, acting individually and together with others, they persecuted the Bosnian civilian population on political, national, ethnic, cultural and religious grounds, depriving other persons of their lives, committing forcible relocation, imprisonment and other inhumane acts.



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