Trial Verdict Revoked in Radomir Vuković et al.
(23.06.2011. 11:47)

The Panel of the Court's Appellate Division of Section I for War Crimes, in the Radomir Vuković et al. case against the Accused Radomir Vuković and Zoran Tomić, following a public session, delivered the Appellate Decision revoking the Trial Verdict and ordered a retrial before the Appellate Panel.


Following a public session at which the Accused, their counsel and the Prosecutor's Office of BiH presented their submissions from their respective appeals, and having examined the First Instance Verdict inasmuch as challenged by the appeals, the Appellate Panel, bearing in mind that the established essential violations of provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH (the CPC BiH) constitute absolutely essential violations that require a mandatory revocation of the Trial Verdict, revoked the Trial Verdict and ordered a retrial. 


On 22 April 2010, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina pronounced the Trial Verdict finding the Accused Radomir Vuković and Zoran Tomić guilty of the criminal offence of Genocide in violation of Article 171(a), in conjunction with Article 31 of the Criminal Code of BiH (the CC BiH). For this offence, the Court sentenced them to long-term imprisonment of 31 years each.



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