Neđo Ikonić ordered into custody
(22.01.2010. 10:33)

On 21 January 2010 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) issued a Decision ordering Neđo Ikonić into one-month custody. Neđo Ikonić is suspected of the criminal offence of Genocide. Pursuant to the Decision, his custody may last until 20 February 2010.

Having considered the submitted evidence, the Court concluded that there was grounded suspicion that the suspect had committed the criminal offence of Genocide. The Court ordered custody given that there are circumstances that suggest the risk of flight on the part of the suspect. Also, the Court ordered custody having found particular circumstances indicating that if released, the suspect will hinder the proceedings by influencing witnesses and accomplices. The Court also ordered custody due to the exceptional circumstances of the criminal offence which carries a prison sentence of ten years or a more severe punishment and which is of particular gravity taking into account the manner of its perpetration or its consequences, as the release of this person would pose a realistic threat to public order.


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