Predrag Kujundžić found guilty of Crimes against Humanity
(30.10.2009. 16:08)

Having completed the main trial, the Trial Panel of Section I of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered a first-instance verdict finding Accused Predrag Kujundžić guilty of the criminal offence of Crimes against Humanity in violation of Article 172(1) h) in conjunction with sub-paragraphs a), d), e), g) and k) of the Criminal Code of BiH (the CC of BiH) as read with Articles 29 and 30 in conjunction with Article 180 (1) of the CC of BiH, and sentenced him to long-term imprisonment of 22 years.

The Accused Predrag Kujundžić was found guilty because during the period from spring 1992 until autumn 1993, within a widespread and systematic attack of the army and the police of the so-called Serb Republic of BiH, as well as the paramilitary formations, directed against the non-Serb population of the Doboj municipality, knowing of such attack, as the commander of the unit called Predini vukovi /Predo’s Wolves/, he committed and incited killings, coercing to sexual slavery, rape, severe deprivation of physical liberty, persecution of non-Serb civilian population and other inhuman acts. The Accused Predrag Kujundžić, although he knew about them, did not prevent those crimes committed by his subordinates. 

The operative part of the verdict reads, among other things, that on 10 May 1992, after several hours of an artillery attack by the armed forces of the so-called Serb Republic of BiH on the village of Grapska, Doboj municipality, together with the other units, he participated in the infantry attack on this village leading the members of his unit, the so-called Predo’s Wolves.   After the attack those civilians who survived and failed to run away were forcefully transferred from this village, by way of being transported by buses to the place of Kostajnica, and then the women and children and elderly were transferred to the territory controlled by the Army of RBiH while the able-bodied men were detained in the Bare military barracks. The operative part further reads that on 12 July 1992, commanding over the Predo’s Wolves unit, he participated in the inhumane treatment of 50 Bosniak and Croat civilians, whom the members of his unit, and the unit called Red Berets, took away from the so-called Perčo’s disco facility, where they had been unlawfully detained, and were then used as human shields in the settlement of Makljenovac during active combat operations between the units of the RBiH Army and Serb units.  The Accused Kujundžić failed to undertake necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such treatment, although he knew that those civilians were treated in a forbidden manner and that they would be exposed to a life threatening situation.  On that occasion at least 17 civilians taken as human shields were deprived of lives.

On an unidentified day in June 1992, armed and accompanied by 4-5 members of his unit, the Accused came to the house of a certain woman and then raped her daughter who was underage at that time, and at the same time he incited one soldier to rape her mother.  On the same day, at the same place, after he raped the minor female person, he told her that as of that day she would comply with all that he requested from her, or otherwise he would kill her mother and her younger sister. Thus during the period from June to December 1992, he forced her into sexual slavery, because by the use of force and threats he established the exclusive right to dispose of her, the control over her movement, the mental control and the control of her sexuality, by way of requesting her to do all that he ordered her.  Using that position, he forced her once to read a statement at the Radio Doboj in which it was stated that Muslims were guilty of the war, that Muslims had killed her brother, and that she was inviting them to convert to Christianity. He ordered her to wear a chain with a cross pendant around her neck and to wear the Serb army camouflage uniform and a red beret on her head; he changed her Muslim name into a Serb name without any consent of hers or her parents, he acquired for her the identification documents in the Serb name, and requested her to always introduce herself by her Serb name.

The Accused Predrag Kujundžić is acquitted of the charges that on 10 May 1992, by shooting from fire arms at a group of Bosniak civilians who were trying to escape toward the woods, he wounded an underage person, inflicting on her a through-and-through wound to her right forearm, and killed another underage person.

The Accused is further acquitted of the command responsibility related to the charges that on 19 July 1992, the members of his unit Predo’s Wolves came to the Perčo’s disco camp and exposed the detained non-Serb civilians to several hours of torture and inhuman treatment by punching and kicking them, hitting them with chains, batons, electric cables and other items all over their bodies, thereby inflicting on them severe physical injuries. They forced several detainees to eat soap, forced them to beat each other, particularly insisting that close family members beat each other.

The Trial Panel reached the Decision to extend custody, which may last no longer than nine months. In case that the second-instance verdict is not delivered to modify or uphold the first-instance verdict within that period, custody shall be terminated and the Accused will be released.  In case the second-instance verdict is delivered to revoke the first-instance verdict within the period of nine months, custody may last no longer than one year after the delivery of the second-instance verdict. 


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