Commencement of trial in the Radomir Vuković and Another case scheduled
(03.12.2008. 09:08)

A commencement of trial before the Section I for War Crimes of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the Radomir Vuković and Another case, has been scheduled for 4 December 2008 starting at 9:00a.m. in courtroom 7. Radomir Vuković and Zoran Tomić are charged with the criminal offense of Genocide.

As alleged in the Indictment, there is grounded suspicion that as members of the Special Police Force Unit of the II Šekovići Detachment, during the period from 10 to 19 July 1995, with the intent to partly exterminate a group of Bosniak people, the accused Radomir Vuković and Zoran Tomić participated in a joint criminal enterprise with the aim of forcibly removing around 40 thousand civilians from the UN Safe Area Srebrenica and execute more than 7,000 Bosniaks. According to the Indictment, on 12 July 1995 the accused Vuković and Tomić participated in the search of Bosniak villages around Potočari aiming to expel them to the territories controlled by the Army of RBiH. On 13 July 1995 as further alleged in the Indictment, the accused Vuković participated in capturing thousands of Bosniak men who were trying to escape from the UN Safe Area. On the same day, the accused Vuković and Tomić allegedly participated in escorting a column of about thousand of captured Bosniaks from the village of Sandići to the warehouse of the Kravica Farming Cooperative, knowing that they would be executed.  After detaining the captured Bosniaks in the warehouse, II Detachment members started killing the captured Bosniaks by firing from automatic weapons and by throwing hand grenades. The Accused Vuković allegedly participated in the liquidation of the detained Bosniaks by throwing grenades on them.


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