Appeals Verdict in the Petar Mitrović case sent out
(13.05.2014. 14:10)

The Panel of the Section I for War Crimes of the Appeals Division of the Court of BiH sent out on 29 April 2014 a verdict in the Petar Mitrović case honoring in part the appeal of Counsel for the accused Petar Mitrović, thus revising the Court’s Verdict of 29 July 2008 in relation to its legal qualification, finding the accused Petar Mitrović guilty of the criminal offense of Genocide under Article 141 of the Criminal Code of SFRY as read with Article 24 (aiding and abetting) of the said Code, and sentencing him to 20 years in prison.


At its session held on 22 October 2013, the Constitutional Court of BiH honored the appeal of the accused Petar Mitrović and, having found a violation of Article 7(1) of the European Convention, revoked the Verdict of the Court of BiH dated 9 September 2009.


On 22 January 2014, the Appeals Panel of the Court of BiH held a public session upon the appeal filed by the Defense for the Accused to review the contested Verdict within the scope defined under the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH, that is, in terms of proper application of the criminal code and of the criminal sanction, and accordingly, delivered the Appeals Verdict.


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