24/7 Panel of BiH Court Rendered Decision in Branimir Glavaš Case
(23.06.2009. 16:36)

24/7 Panel of the Court of BiH refused today the Request by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia for Extradition of Branimir Glavaš.

The Court found that the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH does not provide for the possibility of extradition of BH citizens and that such obligation on the part of BiH is not prescribed under international law.

The Court did not uphold the conclusion by the Preliminary Proceedings Judge, who found that there were grounds for extradition, invoking international customary law, international conventions that bind the signatories/states to cooperate in investigations pertaining to war crimes or serving the interests of justice.

The Decision of the 24/7 Panel shall be referred to the Appellate Division of the Court of BiH to assess its lawfulness.



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