Miodrag Nikačević ordered into custody
(14.02.2008. 15:56)

On 14 February 2008, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) issued a decision ordering Miodrag Nikačević into one-month custody. Pursuant to the Decision, custody may last until 12 March 2008. Miodrag Nikačević is suspected of Crimes against Humanity.

In its motion for custody, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH submits that there is grounded suspicion that Suspect Miodrag Nikačević, in mid April 1992, armed and in uniform entered the apartment of a Bosniak female, swearing and yelling and forced her into sexual intercourse. Further in its motion, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH alleges that in mid June 1992, the Suspect came to an apartment of another Bosniak female, which was located across the Suspect’s apartment, telling her daughter to come to his apartment purportedly to clean it, threatening that she will cry for her brother if she does not come. On this occasion the Suspect raped her. On 2 August 1992, as alleged in the Prosecutor’s motion, armed and together with two other members of the Armed Forces of Republika Srpska, the Suspect took part in taking away, and later on in the unlawful detention of a Bosniak civilian. The civilian was taken from the Penal and Correctional Facility (KPD) by unidentified persons on an undetermined day and killed at an unknown location.

Having reviewed the evidence submitted, the Court concluded that there was grounded suspicion that the Suspect had committed the criminal offence in question.  Further, the Court ordered his custody having found that if released, the Suspect would hinder the criminal proceedings by influencing witnesses, accessories, or accomplices.


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