Press release of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(10.09.2007. 17:00)

Today, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been notified that 25 persons who are detained in the Detention Unit KPZ Kula, Istočno Sarajevo, began the hunger strike. Their reasons are the same as they were in the past. Detainees demand that in the war crimes cases the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina apply the SFRY Criminal Procedure Code which was effective when criminal offenses occurred.

They have maintained their request although the Decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH dated 30 March 2007 confirmed the Decision of the Court of BiH in the case of Abdulathim Maktouf explaining that the application of the 2003Criminal Procedure Code is not inconsistent with the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Court of BiH would like to notify the public that, as previously in such situations, it will act in accordance with its legal obligations, respecting all rights of the suspects and accused. Taking into consideration the ongoing hunger strike the Court of BiH will also ensure the necessary medical assistance to the detainees.

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